Incident Tracking

Effective analysis of incidents has become a critical issue in today’s provider marketplace. Due to state and county requirements it is no longer adequate to just track and report. Proactively managing incidents is the key to compliance and creating a safe environment. Incident Tracking gives you the tools you need to do this. Choose the level of detail your agency wants to track. The system tracks more than 119 items, ranging from the client and employee involved to the source of the incident and everything in between. Solana provides the tools to assist you including sample forms, templates, knowledge of the MUI rules and the experience necessary to tailor the system to fit your needs. Incident Tracking archives unlimited incidents and stores client and employee lists.

The power is in the reporting feature. Any programmer can throw together a database solution to track incidents, but the true functionality and value lie in the reporting component. This is where other systems fall short. Solana's Incident Tracking module contains intelligent reporting allowing you to create literally thousands of report combinations and export 100% of the stored data.

Benefits & Features

  • Archive unlimited incidents
  • Store client and employee lists
  • Store individual default values (like a client’s home county and program)
  • Integrate with other ProviderPro modules
  • User-defined lists
  • More than 119 data elements to track
  • Add/edit/view drop-down lists on the fly
  • Select user-defined grouping options for each report (for example, group incidents by county, then site, the date of the incident and more)
  • Select secondary grouping options to group specific incidents even further (for example, incident type, source, classification and more)
  • Use advanced filtering options (drill down by county, client, injury type, location)
  • Select from more than 2,000 reports (for example, notification reports, count reports, field  reports, complete reports)
  • Export reports to text or rich text files, adobe pdf, and excel)
  • Publish reports to the internet, fax or email