Finally, a billing program that bills and tracks contracted services for your clients and integrates with payroll to provide the ultimate level of integration! The Client Billing module alone could pay for the complete ProviderPro software series through the cost savings achieved by the integration with the Payroll module and features that maximize contracted services.

Client Billing begins with the collection of hours and units of service. The module then transforms into a billing, receivables, payroll, and service management powerhouse. From one point of data entry, hours of service, per diems, and units of service can be billed to the appropriate funding source. All service hours can transfer to payroll for processing! Bills may be submitted electronically or via hard copy. Incredible time savings occur by resubmitting rejections without re-entry, online reconciliation of submitted bills, and the integration with payroll.

Integrates With Client Information, Payroll, And General Ledger Modules

Client Information provides the necessary client data to generate bills to funding sources. Payroll supplies a list of billable employees to Client Billing. Payroll also processes service hours by employee for payroll purposes. General Ledger then stores all transactions, billings, cash receipts, and other financial data.

Single Point Of Data Entry

This module handles some of an agency’s most time consuming, yet important tasks. Hours of contracted service are collected, entered and serve three main purposes. The first purpose is to bill the appropriate funding source. Second, the hours also transfer to payroll by employee for payroll purposes. Finally, actual hours of service are compared to the contract to pinpoint over/under utilization.

Maximize Contracted Services

Our contract utilization feature compares what your agency can bill versus what you have billed. Contract utilization examines every service type by client to isolate deficiencies or situations where services have been overprovided. Another compelling highlight is the service budget utilization tool. The client’s individual service plan (ISP) is compared on a weekly basis to the actual service provided. It compares all service types (even ratios like 1:1, 1:2, etc.) to identify problem areas. Valuable reports exist to give you the information you have always wanted, but have never been able to get.

Receivables Management

Client Billing can act as an “Accounts Receivable” module for contracted services. It has outstanding bills reports and receivables aging tools. Stay on top of your billing receivables and increase cash flow with our Client Billing module.

Billing Functionality

This module bills per diem, hourly, ½ hour, ¼ hour, and units (mileage, social work, etc.) to the appropriate funding source. It will create the actual bill for submission electronically or via hard copy. System-generated retroactive billing takes advantage of service limit changes and rate changes on previously submitted bills.

Online Reconciliation

Reconciliation of payments and rejections happen in a snap! Out of time in the middle of reconciliation? No problem, simply postpone the process and start where you left off at a later time.

Rejection Processing

Rejections may be marked for re-submission or written off all together. Both processes occur without re-entry of the transaction. Write-offs may be examined using our contract maximization features.

Contract Reports

Tired of trying to figure out which clients have expired contracts? Would you like to be proactive in getting contracts renewed? Our contract reports identify clients who do not have active contracts or have contracts coming due.

Data-Entry Error Checking

The system will automatically check for the most common data-entry errors such as duplicate time slips, overlapping service periods, and incorrect service ratios.

Time-Saving Features

Many features are incorporated into this module to save your data-entry clerk’s time. Logical groupings of clients provide easy selection for billing. “Add By Site” and “Batch Add” speed hours of entry when a billing employee works with more than one client at a time.

Accrue Billings

The system-generated journal entry recognizes revenue in the proper month.

"Unlimited" Comes Standard

Client Billing puts no limits on your data needs. You can have unlimited:

  • Clients
  • Funding sources
  • Service types
  • Contracts per client
  • Time, per diem and unit transactions

Other Features

  • Submit bills electronically or by hard copy (plain paper and on letterhead)
  • Take advantage of service limit and rate changes with the retroactive billing feature
  • Contract utilization features identify what has been billed versus what could be billed
  • Service budget utilization compares the individual service plan (ISP) to actual services delivered on a weekly basis
  • System checks for common data entry errors like duplicate time slips, overlapping service periods, and incorrect service ratios
  • Accrue and recognize billing in the appropriate month